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Shoe Inserts

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A footwear insert that provides comfort, warmth, supports healthy circulation and helps to minimize foot odour.

A pair of our wild fur shoe inserts are a must if you are on your feet all day or need circulation support or help with discomfort issues.  

Ideal for any closed shoe or boot, they have a soft fur upper with a coarse sole so that they grip to your shoe without sliding.

So comfortable, warm and easy to wear, we're sure that after you've tried them you’ll want a pair for each of your favourite shoes.

Quality Assurance:  This product has a Manufacturers Warranty of one year.


Our unique hollow fibre wild fur shoe inserts are designed to provide the ultimate environment for your feet.  By supporting good circulation and comfort, your posture & wellbeing is likewise positively enhanced. They also have the added advantage of naturally helping with foot odour.  Described by one of our fans as 'like walking on air'.


This product is hand crafted from selected Brush Tail Marsupial wild furs humanely harvested and processed using 100% natural materials.


  • Avoid contact with excessive heat or moisture.
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean.
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth if necessary. Air dry and avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Shake the garment or gently brush the fur to restore the pile.


There are four sizes available that cover most shoes sizes:
  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

To ensure we provide you with the right size, please write your shoe size in the Size Box on this page and we will send the appropriate size for your shoe.

FITTING: Slide the insert into your foot-ware with the fur side up. The inserts can be easily cut to fit your shoes size should that be necessary.
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